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Hesi Coco is a universal fertiliser designed for growing in coco mats and coco-based substrates. It's meant to be used during the flowering phase.


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Product detailed description

Hesi Coco is a universal fertiliser designed for growing in coco mats and coco-based substrates. Hesi Coco contains comprehensive nutrition for plants for the flowering phases in one bottle.

Hesi Coco contains only high-quality organic ingredients. The ratio of base nutrients is NPK 8-6-10. The nitrogen in this fertiliser is of organic and mineral origin. It's enriched by vitamins, amino acids, simple sugars and trace elements (iron, magnesium, zinc, copper, boron, molybdenum, iodine and cobalt).

This mix of ingredients is made to support blooming and build up a healthy microflora. It doesn't contain unnecessary salts - because of this, the EC value of Hesi Coco might be lower than other coco fertilisers. However, it doesn't create sediments for the same reason. 

We recommend supplementing this base fertiliser with Hesi SuperVit (growth stimulator).

 Dosage and use:
- add 50ml per 10l of water for the flowering phase
- to avoid overdosing, never use more than 50ml / 10l
- if you want to use Hesi Coco for the vegetative phase, lower the dose to 30ml /10l

Attention: always check the pH and EC levels when using Hesi products! Adjust if necessary.
Optimal levels for the growth phase:
pH: 5,8 - 6,2
EC: + 1,5 mS/cm
Optimal levels for the flowering phase:
pH: 5,8 - 6,2
EC: + 1,8 - 2,2 mS/cm

Composition: NPK 3-4-5, Nitrogen N 3,0%, Phosphorus 3,9% P2O5, Potassium 5,1 % K2O. Other: magnesium, calcium, sulphate and trace elements: iron, manganese, zinc, copper, boron, molybdenum. Vitamins B1, B2, B6, plant sugars, amino acids and enzymes.

To feed the plants as intended, use the HESI feeding charts. In case you have further questions, contact us at info@higarden.eu.

Additional parameters

Category: HESI Fertilisers
Application: main fertilisers, NPK
Phase: vegetative and flowering
PFHGX: Outdoor, Indoor, Levné, Nejprodávanější, Doporučené, Kvalitní, Značkové, Základní
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