What is the right pH of the nutrient solution?

What is the right pH solution? Generally, the answer is somewhere between 5,5 and 7, but which is best?

The question has several answers:
- in soil, you should maintain 6,2 - 7,0 pH
- in coco, keep it at 5,7 - 6,3 pHPh-chart.jpg_large
- in hydroponic systems, we recommend 5,5 - 6,3 pH

Why namely these values?
The most important elements the plant needs most dissolve in the nutrient solution best at 5,5 - 7 pH, and the plant can make the most of them.

Keep the pH stable, even when it's outside the optimal range. Constant changes in the pH stress the plant and make it absorb nutrients slower than it would if the pH was stable but not exactly ideal. It's better to maintain a stable pH than to fluctuate around the ideal value.

If you don't have a way of measuring the pH, check out our offer of pH meters.

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