BioNova Boost Pack for Exquisite Flowers and Fruit

Discover the harmonious and balanced combination of three dutch stimulants in a single compact package. This discounted kit will improve the quality of your harvest, making it full of flavour and fragrance.


What is the effect of the tried and tested stimulators which form the BioNova Boost Pack

  • Faster flowering onset
  • Superior, fragrant blooms
  • Compact and sweet fruit
  • Improves the plants' resistance

Besides its effect on flowering and fruiting, another indisputable advantage of the Boost Pack lies in its versatility - it's suitable for growing plants in any substrate and hydroponic system.

Let's describe the features of the three components of the BioNova Boost Pack one after the other to explain its booming popularity among growers:


  • BioNova PK 13–14
    • BioNova is the inventor of PK (phosphorus and potassium) bloom boosters, and its perfect, time-tested ratio establishes it as one of the most effective flowering stimulators.
    • The minerals are one of the best and purest forms possible (food-grade) in a high concentration (1:1500).
    • No additional salts or heavy metals - doesn't pollute the plants or soil
    • Easily absorbable liquid additive


  • BioNova X-cel Booster
    • 100% organic and vegan stimulator for all kinds of plants like fruit, vegetables, ornamental plants and medicinal herbs.
    • Actively involved in the growth and flowering process from the first day of planting -
    • Develops the root system during the vegetative phase
    • Boosts blooming to help you achieve the most beautiful flowers and tastiest fruit.
    • The booster increases the volume and quality of the yield.
    • And it's no wonder: it contains an array of vitamins, natural growth and flowering stimulants, amino acids, beneficial bacteria, trace elements (micronutrients), enzymes, humic acids and kelp extract.
    • The sophisticated combination of ingredients supports all kinds of biochemical processes.


  • BioNova Vitasol
    • An indespensable helper for rapid growth and high production when growing indoors under artificial lighting.
    • It can supply plants with additional energy and successfully treats growth stagnation.
    • 100% organic liquid additive with a high concentration of molasses (1:1000) to develop the naturally sweet taste of various fruit.
    • Vitasol also acts as a soil improver - it contains beneficial bacteria and mycorhizal fungi, which help the plant absorb more sugar and keep the substrate and roots healthy.
    • Vitasol contains an array of easily absorbable trace elements (micronutrients), vitamins and minerals like calcium, magnesium, copper and potassium.


No matter if you're an enthusiastic newbie or a seasoned veteran, you will appreciate the BioNova Boost Pack. Every grower can cultivate a lush, extensive harvest of high-quality produce. 

If you would like to ask any questions about the excellent BioNova products (or anything else for that matter), contact us at Our team of experienced professionals is looking forward to hearing from you!