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The grow tent is a temple for your future harvest and the absolute basis of all indoor growing. In combination with its interior equipment, the tent represents a productive environment for growing plants, regardless of climatic conditions or seasons. Plant and harvest whatever crop comes to mind all year round from the comfort of your home, thanks to modern growing tents!


At higarden, we carefully select and present an assortment of top products from time-proven manufacturers (HOMEbox®, Bud Box, Mammoth) so that you can achieve great results at reasonable costs. Pick a new growing tent from our wide range according to your individual needs and parameters.

A quality tent for indoor cultivation will give your plants luxurious conditions for undisturbed growth. The higher grades of tents are of higher quality. Of course, this does not mean you have to buy the most expensive one right away. We have picked our products to give you the option to achieve great results even on a budget.

Do you already have an idea of what you will be growing? The sky is the limit - we have tents of all conceivable sizes.

In addition to the design, the dimensions play a crucial role in selecting a product. You should choose the grow tent size according to the available space. We have it all: starting with the smallest propagators used mainly for pre-growing and germinating seedlings and ending with tents as large as a greenhouse

We also offer professional grow boxes to satisfy even the most demanding growers. You can take inspiration from the most sought-after pieces. 


budbox lite grow tent 120x120x180 2
BudBox LITE 120x120x180cm
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BudBox LITE 80x80x200cm
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Was: €484,90
3001 1 budbox pro intermediate 75x75x160cm stribrny
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24190 5 budbox pro l200 100x100x200cm bily
24187 4 budbox pro l180 100x100x180cm bily
24115 3 budbox pro xxl r 240x120x180cm bily zkoseny
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14573 8 budbox pro xxl r 240x120x180cm stribrny zkoseny
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budbox lite grow tent 80x80x200 1
24187 4 budbox pro l180 100x100x180cm bily
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budbox lite grow tent 100x100x200 2
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budbox lite grow tent 100x100x180 2
budbox lite grow tent 80x80x160 5
budbox lite grow tent 60x90x90 1
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3020 1 budbox pro xl 120x120x200cm stribrny
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budbox lite grow tent 120x120x200 5
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BudBox PRO Titan IX 900x450x240cm - White
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€6 124,90
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