Introducing La Poción del Brujo fertilisers

La Poción del Brujo fertilizers are known among growers for their original recipes and offer a range of unique nutrient supplements and additives that you won't find from any other fertilizer manufacturer. We have selected the best products from the La Poción del Brujo range for rooting, growth, flowering, ripening, and drying.

The La Poción del Brujo brand is owned by the Spanish manufacturer Cannaboom S.L. with nearly twenty years of experience in the development, research, and distribution of fertilizers. In recent years, Cannaboom S.L. has undergone rebranding, and their La Poción del Brujo range attracts attention not only with quality but also with attractive design.

La Poción del Brujo: Rooting and Growth Phase

Raimil Fullcrem – Universal Root Stimulator

The key to success in indoor cultivation under artificial lighting is plants with a rich and branched root system. Only then can they quickly utilize all the nutrients from fertilizers and fully benefit from the controlled climate of indoor cultivation and the energy from artificial lighting.

Raimil Fullcrem is a concentrated root stimulator in the form of a laminar suspension. It is suitable for use in soil, gardening substrates, coconut, and hydroponics. Use Raimil Fullcrem from seed germination or cutting rooting until the fifth week of flowering.

Clonadon – Effective Gel for Rooting

When cloning plants by cuttings, cleanliness and speed are essential. Once you cut a branch and expose plant tissues, air bubbles start forming at the cutting site, which hinders proper root development. Rooting gel products help prevent oxidation and greatly increase success rates in cloning.

Clonadon is a completely natural rooting gel containing plant extracts combined with trace elements, vitamins, and amino acids. Thanks to its gel composition, Clonadon adheres easily to the cutting site and also contains substances that protect against root diseases. When rooting, dip the stem approximately two centimeters into the gel and quickly plant the cutting into mineral wool or jiffy.

Rizoclon – Natural Growth Activator for Seeds and Cuttings

Rizoclon is a root growth activator for cuttings or seeds with a completely natural composition and without growth hormones. It contains bacteria, microorganisms, and amino acids that quickly colonize plants and activate the growth of new roots. For use, soak mineral wool cubes or jiffy in water mixed with 0.2 ml of Rizoclon per 1 liter of water.

Brujo Vit

Plants for healthy development require not only nutrients in the form of minerals, but also, like humans, benefit from vitamins and amino acids. Nutritional supplements containing these substances support healthy plant development and also increase nutrient uptake by roots, further enhancing the effect of fertilizers.

Brujo Vit is a complex of concentrated vitamins and L-amino acids suitable as a nutritional supplement in all growth stages, from rooting to ripening. The product does not increase the EC of the nutrient solution because it does not contain any salts. Apply Brujo Vit from the tenth day after seed germination or cutting rooting and it can be combined with all types of fertilizers.

Boom Rapid Fullcrem – Balanced Nutrition Supplement for Growth Support

A range of fast-growing plant species have higher nutrient requirements during the vegetative phase. This is especially true for indoor cultivation under artificial lighting, where plants rapidly accumulate biomass. Growth stimulants and nutritional supplements designed for the growth phase help prevent nutrient deficiencies during the vegetative phase of the growth cycle.

Boom Rapid Fullcrem is a concentrated growth stimulant for the growth phase containing balanced amounts of nitrogen, potassium, and phosphorus in chelated form. The product has a unique recipe, allowing it to contain more organic matter than other growth stimulants. For use in soil, soil substrates, coconut, and hydroponics from the second to the third week of the growth phase.

La Poción del Brujo: Flowering Phase

Biotonex F1 – Flowering Stimulator for Growth and Flowering Phases

Proper nutrition in plants not only affects their size and growth rate but also their appearance. Plants suffering from nutrient deficiencies are often elongated with longer internodal distances, resulting in fewer lateral branches, buds, and flowers. Flowering stimulants contain substances that induce flowering in plants and provide nutrients essential for their proper development.

Biotonex F1 is a highly concentrated flowering stimulator, the main effect of which is to shorten internodal distances and limit plant stretching after switching to flowering. Biotonex F1 also facilitates nutrient assimilation in plants, both NPK and micronutrients. The product is for use from the third week of growth to the sixth week of flowering and suitable for all types of substrates and hydroponics.

Florabloom Fullcrem

In the early weeks of flowering, plants consume large amounts of nutrients, especially phosphorus, which is an important element in genetic transfer and insufficient amounts can disrupt bud and flower formation. Flowering stimulants and nutritional supplements for the flowering phase help prevent phosphorus deficiency in the early weeks of the flowering phase.

Florabloom Fullcrem is a concentrated flowering stimulator in the form of a laminar suspension, containing balanced amounts of nitrogen and potassium and high amounts of rapidly available phosphorus. For use in all types of substrates and hydroponic cultivation from the first to the fifth week of flowering.

Red Boom – Highly Effective PK Booster

Macronutrients NPK, and especially phosphorus and potassium, are indispensable for plants during the flowering phase. Basic fertilizers usually contain enough NPK nutrients, but increasing the supply of phosphorus and potassium can achieve higher yields and improve the taste and aroma of flowers. PK boosters are useful tools in such cases.

Red Boom is an effective PK booster containing phosphorus and potassium, as well as nitrogen and natural activators that facilitate nutrient assimilation and enhance the potential of this product. For all types of substrates and hydroponic nutrient solutions from the third to the sixth week of flowering.

La Poción del Brujo: Ripening and Drying Phase

Super Boom Compactor – Ripening Support

Many growers add an extra dose of phosphorus and potassium to plants in the last days and weeks before harvesting to nutrition. This promotes resin production, increases flower weight, and enhances plant aroma. However, the disadvantage of highly concentrated PK boosters is the risk of substrate oversaturation or plant burning with fertilizers.

Super Boom Compactor is a unique nutritional supplement designed for the final phase of flowering with a high potassium content and other nutrient elements, made from organic and natural materials and specially developed for growers of aromatic and medicinal plants. Super Boom Compactor can be used with any other type of fertilizer and is suitable for soil and soil substrates, coconut, and some hydroponic systems.

Roca Boost – Finishing Ripening

To achieve the highest yield and support flower and active substance formation in plants, some growers increase the EC of the nutrient solution to the maximum possible level in the last weeks of flowering. For these purposes, PK boosters or special finishing ripeners can be used.

Roca Boost is a concentrated ripening stimulator in granular form with a high potassium and silicon content. It increases sugar and essential oil production and increases yield potential. For all types of substrates and hydroponics in the last three weeks of flowering.

Terpenum – Terpene Production Support

Plants produce natural aromatic compounds called terpenes, which create their scent and serve as protection against pests and to attract pollinators. Terpenes are produced in trichomes, microscopic glands on the leaves and stems of plants responsible for resin formation.

Terpenum is a unique additive that induces plants to produce a high amount of trichomes and increases resin production on flowers. For use in all types of substrates and hydroponics. Add Terpenum to watering for the last four weeks before harvesting. If you double the dose in the last 15 days, you'll harvest about a week earlier.

More Grams – Reducing Losses During Drying

After cultivation, herbs, aromatic, or medicinal plants are often dried, during which more than 80% of the grown biomass is lost. This is because plant tissues contain a high amount of water, which evaporates during drying. For commercial and home growers, this means reduced yields and increased financial costs.

More Grams is an additive designed for the last two weeks before harvesting, which increases the amount of plant fibers, starch, and proteins inside flowers and converts some of the water back into plant matter. As a result, buds are firmer and retain greater weight even after drying. For use during cultivation in soil, coconut or soil substrates, and hydroponics in the last two weeks of flowering.